The Old Days

Master Zink taught semi-private classes from his home for many years. These classes were held on Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 8:30pm and running until somewhere between 2am and 4am. Over the years there were numerous students who came to these classes briefly or sporadically. However, Master Zink had a small group of deeply devoted students who attended his classes on a semi-weekly basis for several years. Students practiced in the garage on a cement floor. (And before Maria came along they had no heater.) Of the following students listed below those who regularly participated in these classes are indicated in italics.

Teacher Certification

Possessing a minimum three years of commited study with Master Zink, the following students are certified by Paulie Zink to teach his Taoist art of Yin Yoga:

(Students are listed in order of their chronological seniority)

Lloyd Tamanaha
Jim Muse Furtado
Craig Balcom
Anita Klinger
Dr. Elba Serrano

Jeannine Warren
Heather Baefsky
Diane Silva, L.Ac.
Scott Conley, L.Ac.

Don Hart
Damon Honeycutt
Russell Morgan
Phillip Williams
Stan Corzine, L.Ac.
Patty Lum
Al Wolf, L.Ac.
Joel Dunning, L.Ac.
Cindy Fraser
Tom Schauer

Students who have completed all qualifications for Master Zink’s Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Course

Level I

Christine Baade  100+ hrs
Rebecca Bayes  100 hrs
Karen Burhans  100+ hrs
Art Damitz  100 hrs
Gideon Enz  100 hrs
Celeste Hay  200+ hrs
Emma Korkola   200 hrs
Eileen Kragie  300 hrs
Nya Patrinos  100+ hrs
Berra  Sertel  200 hrs
Peter Strand  100 hrs
John Sweeney  200+ hrs
Nina Yau  200 hrs

Level II

Debra LaMantia  500+ hrs


The following students are recipients of Master Paulie Zink’s Tai Shing Pek Kwar Student Certificate of Honor awarded in recognition of their years of loyalty, dedication, and excellent attendance:

Lloyd Tamanaha
Jim Muse Furtado
Craig Balcom
Jeannine Warren
Heather Baefsky
Diane Silva
Scott Conley
Damon Honeycutt

Russell Morgan
Tom Schauer

Celebrity Students

David Lee Roth
Master Zink privately instructed rock star David Lee Roth for extended periods of time over the course of twenty years. Master Zink also choreographed routines for David’s performances with Van Halen and music videos.

Michael Hedges
Master Zink privately instructed musician Michael Hedges in Yin yoga for six years, until Michael’s untimely death. Master Zink performed live with Michael on numerous occasions, including at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles opening for Crosby, Stills and Nash.


Joe Walsh
Steve Vai


Joan Chen
Julie Christi
Ali McGraw
Maud Adams

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