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Master Paulie Zink- The Founder of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Wood Element Posture

You can learn some fundamentals of Yin Yoga from Yin Yoga teachers
but you can only learn the complete art from the founding master
Paulie Zink

“I am delighted to see how the practice of Yin Yoga has spread throughout the global yoga community. But I have not authorized any other person or school to offer Yin Yoga Teacher Certification. To this effect I have founded The Yin Yoga Institute in order to provide guidelines in teaching Yin Yoga and to establish a standard of excellence in the art. The Yin Yoga Institute also serves as the official Teacher Registration for Yin Yoga teachers who meet the minimum requirements.” Master Zink

Master Paulie Zink is the founder of Yin Yoga and was Paul Grilley’s teacher. Master Zink is a multifaceted instructor of rare quality. He is a highly proficient Yin Yoga practitioner, a Chi Kung expert and an internationally acclaimed martial arts grand champion. The combination of his exceptional background, knowledge and skill makes him unique among yoga teachers in the western world. In order to achieve this degree of mastery he underwent demanding training and esoteric disciplines which emphasized cultivating the felt awareness and embodiment of one’s intuitive, instinctual, and mystical natures. As a result, he can actualize the power and spontaneity, the flowing movement and wild spirit that are inherent in our awakened primal energy.
Master Zink conveys a profound and refreshing simplicity that comes from true understanding.
With his relaxed and playful demeanor, students find him to be a very approachable and enjoyable teacher. Master Zink continues to evolve his art of Yin Yoga by adding postures, variations, and insights. Through many years of study, practice and teaching he has further developed this ancient Taoist tradition into his own distinctive and dynamic style.

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