Yin Yoga Workshop Comments

Dear Paulie,
I just wanted to send my gratitude for the Yin yoga workshop weekend at Kripalu – What magic! What fun! I can’t even wrap my mind around what happened in that room. You are such a gifted teacher and an amazing person. I’m inspired to practice once again and my body feels…free. I am so happy that I was in the program and can’t wait until you come back.
Grace W.
staff member, Kripalu Center for Yoga, MA

I want to thank you for your teachings at the Omega Institute. The weekend Yin yoga workshop was such a blessing for me. I want to express my gratitude for positively affecting my path so dynamically. I have noticed myself flowing in and out of postures quite naturally while engaged in everyday activities. What a fun way to move around! You have really impacted our lives. Your style has become a topic of everyday conversation with admiration!
Rose M.
staff member, Omega Institute, NY

Hi Paulie,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your art! Tonight, I had a student comment that he had never heard anyone speak about yoga the way I did in class tonight (of course I was teaching your practice). That no one had ever spoken about the directions and the elements, fire, earth, water, etc. and how powerful & meaningful it was for him.

Anyway, his sincerity was so great, I felt truly honored that I could share this practice with him. I have witnessed many people finding their joy and reconnection to nature because of it. People seem to universally discover playfulness, freedom and their true selves. Yours is one of the few practices I have encountered that actually helps people do this authentically!
So, thank you for this gift of allowing people to get out of the box and back to their own truth
Carry Kim

Los Angeles, CA

I loved the Yin yoga workshop at Kripalu.  Paulie, you are such a generous, caring spirit.  A true yogi.  Such a privilege to be taught by you.  I am looking forward to another workshop. Thank you for sharing your art.
Joanne C.


What a wonderful thing you are both doing with The Yin Yoga Institute. Paulie is one of the most allowing, genuine and generous teachers I’ve ever met. His suggestion to honor our own flow and creativity has truly been a precious key, I can feel green shoots heading in new directions already. I am so grateful to you.
Santa Monica, CA

I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed spending the weekend with you [at Kripalu]. Learning from a master is such a different experience from learning from a book, or from a teacher who is teaching from a text book. I value it as a special experience and am deeply grateful for the opportunity you provided. Thanks for hitting the road and sharing your art of Yin yoga.

Andrew Nagel
New York

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed Paulie’s Yin yoga training very much. I even learned new poses after practicing Yoga for over 35 years !
Marina MacLean
Ontario, Canada

I think Paulie is one of the nicest men I have ever met! His Yin yoga class was fun, challenging and made me realize that I would like to be more Taoist and kinder. It was truly a honor!
Lorren Weister
Chicago, IL

It has already been 2 months since the Yin yoga workshop and I want to let you know that it was a wonderful and fruitful experience for me that continues to open my practice, my heart, and my life. Paulie teaches by his presence in profound ways that planted seeds in me that are unfolding into a marvelous harvest. Thank you.
Fae K.
Vineyard Haven, MA

Paulie Zink reminded me why I fell in love with yoga in the first place.  At his Yin yoga weekend workshop he told me I can do anything I set my mind to, and that there aren’t any limits to what I am capable of accomplishing. He showed genuine care and interest, and had an energy that just radiated throughout the room. He is an example of the type of teacher I hope to be: one who inspires.
Ashley Meyer
Chicago, IL

It has been over a month since I had the wonderful opportunity to be a student of Paulie’s at Kripalu … I wanted to let you know that his teachings had such a positive effect and made a real difference in my life. He introduced me to the Tao Te Ching and I am grateful to have a beginner’s understanding of this philosophy. Paulie, I will never forget your gracious ways, you are a true Master. I learned so much by simply being in your presence.
Thank you very much!
Anne A.

I was able to attend one session of Yin yoga on Sunday here in Chicago which was great and I was so happy to be there, but the most surprising part was the next morning when I got up. I felt amazing and a great sense of liberation in my spine and back. Very difficult to explain but I knew that the stretching we did must have totally cleared out any blockage that I didn’t even know was there. After 10 years of yoga I can say this was something different.  Paulie is a great and amazing teacher. All very healing and I might add fun to do!
Kind regards,
Christina G.
Chicago, IL

Thank you for nourishing my thirst for a new master of Tao Yin yoga practices. I felt as if I had met a lost relative when I listened to you speak and describe your approach to practicing. It is so rare to find. There are so few who teach with such purity.
Deanna M.
Philadelphia, PA

Your Yin yoga workshop was fantastic, like you handed me some keys to discovering what I should have seen all along.
Anita K.

Goleta, CA

I would like to thank you for coming and for all you shared with us. It was a tremendous enrichment to my practice and to my teaching. The way you led us through the seminar was so vivid and with such warmth that I left with a wish to get to know and experience more about Taoist Yoga. Thank you once again.
Natasha F.
Boston, MA

Hi Paulie
We at Yogalife enjoyed you encouraging us to seek the knowledge, meaning and benefit from our yoga postures, encouraging flow with the yin. I regarded Yin yoga as stillness holding with relaxed muscles, adding yang in to the end of class. But with you, to change, encourage movement and be spontaneous all through class was refreshing.
Joane D.
Philadelphia, PA

It was my absolute pleasure to be a part of your workshop and to share your wonderful energy Paulie. Thanks so much for bringing awareness to my practice. I am looking forward to seeing you again.
David A.
Santa Monica, CA

What luck had I when I took your class, not even knowing about your accomplishments. I had been stricken with intense anxiety and other imbalances that U.S. medicine did not help and your class did. I have not been on any yoga circuit and I am humbled that the Great Spirit saw fit to allow me to sample what you share, from such a master as you.
New York, NY

I feel deeply blessed by the oneness of the universe to have led me to finding and learning from you. There are some lines in the Tao Te Ching that I feel describe you and your teachings perfectly: ‘Seeing things as they are without trying to control them, let things go their own way’. How you told us to experiment and follow the flow of our own individual Tao, to be playful and make Yin yoga our own art form, you didn’t try to control your teaching in a strict and rigid manner. You let go and stayed at the center of the circle and let each of us find our own way. You are an exemplary teacher of the Tao and you embody it completely and fully. Thank you for blessing us with your wisdom and teachings.
Darren O.
Belleville, NJ

I find that I am looking at all the Yin yoga poses in a new light using the concepts you introduced in your workshop.
Leticia H.
Lawndale, CA

The Yin yoga workshop was awesome. Learning about the flow between postures has given me a better understanding of the practice.
Justin M.
New York, NY

I enjoyed your Yin yoga workshop and training greatly. The information that you passed on really hit home with me. I believe this is the path I have been searching for.
Mike K.
Woodbury, NJ

Dear Paulie, I just wanted to write and thank you so much for such an amazing Yin yoga workshop this weekend and to thank you for sharing your profound knowledge and experience of Yin and Yang yoga. I am really looking forward to your Yin yoga teacher training in NY and really look forward to seeing you then – with deepest thanks and respect,
Laura B.
Vancouver, Canada

I am excited to have found a natural fusion of asana and the Tao. Paulie Zink’s Yin  yoga workshop was so well organized that I believe my retention of the material to be 70% or greater. I am looking at Taoist yoga as potentially the core of my personal practice.

Such poses as walking crab, jumping frog, running dog and monkey are not only very entertaining, they can add an aerobic component to traditional hatha yoga sequencing, similar to the vinyasa jump-through in Ashtanga. Crab, Frog and Monkey naturally develop from Malasana and Running Dog from Plank. At the end of a recent Hatha class, I did the Yin yoga breathing exercises to the five elements before Savasana. It greatly enhanced the experience for me.

Paulie Zink is authentic in every way. I highly recommend taking his workshop and I would definitely travel far to take it.
Cliff V.
Chandler, AZ (300 hour teacher training, Innervision Yoga)

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience it was to be at Paulie’s Yin yoga workshop. He is truly a Master teacher and so much of what he said really resonated with me. And, and I don’t remember ever having so much fun at a workshop! Just from those three days, I could feel the energy changes in my body. I only wish I could study with someone who is at the high level he is at. I feel so honored to have been able to experience this time with Paulie and am truly thankful for this past weekend.
With much gratitude,
Marcia K.
Chandler, AZ

Dear Paulie,
A day has passed, and I humbly bow to you for bringing me light and inspiring me with the desire to be better to myself and to learn how to move in harmony with my inner self. A person like you makes a difference in the life of others and brings simplicity to new levels.
Blessed are those who give to others the teaching of their talents and most of all sharing it. Paulie, I thank the universe for crossing my path of life with you and for sharing your talents and giving focus with in me.
I do bless you, may the universe be within you. And I do know that you in your humble way are more than BLESSED.
Love and peace be with you,
Joseph D.
Chandler, AZ

I would like to thank you for an incredibly inspiring 3 days. It was an honor to be able to hear your philosophy and to witness your expertise in body communication. I know there is much more than can be conveyed in a short workshop, but I wanted to tell you how encouraging and helpful it was to spend that time with you. I just wanted you to know that even though you may not realize the significant impact you have on those of us who are not adepts, we are very much carrying the benefits of the time we can spend learning from you.
Nora I., Ph.D.
Chicago, IL

Paulie, I attended your Yin yoga workshop in Pittsburgh.  I wanted to say thanks again for the great learning and growing experience!  This was my first exposure to Yin yoga,  your philosophy and approach to yoga were inspiring, refreshing, and inviting. I felt centered and luminous for some time after.
Many thanks,
Ray H.
Pittsburg, PA

Being a teacher of Wing Tsun kung-fu, I am no stranger to Taoist ideas of being like water. However, after attending your workshop I realized that I was only practicing Taoism in the microcosmic universe of Wing Tsun. But in the macrocosmic universe of my life I was not following these same ideals.

Each day of the workshop with you left me feeling refreshed and energized, rather than being worn out like after one of my own workouts. I have found that Yin yoga is the missing factor in my training. I have been practicing the postures daily since the workshop. I have found that not only have my well-being and my flexibility improved, but my wing Tsun has as well. I now recommend Taoist yoga to all of my students. I feel very lucky to have the chance to continue my own practice as well as expose this amazing practice to my students. It is my continuing quest to put into practice what most people don’t- true Taoist thought. Your workshop was absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to attending many more in the future.
Alex Richter
City Wing Tsun, New York, NY