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Paulie Zink is the founder of Yin Yoga.
Learn from the master who started it all.

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Yin Yoga dvd


Content: 1 DVD

*Hips & Legs (45 minutes)
*Back & Shoulders

(50 minutes)

*Core & Balance (1 hr)
*Combo (45 minutes)


This Yin Yoga DVD trilogy of sessions includes a comprehensive range of fundamental and intermediate to advanced yin and yang yoga postures and movements practiced in the way the founder intended by working the muscles, joints, and connective tissue of the whole body. Paulie teaches in a simple and clear style that is free of technical jargon. He emphasizes doing the practice, not intellectualizing about it, by being present and quietly going within ourselves so that thinking falls away and the felt awareness of our primal body nature can be deeply experienced.

“The Yin Yoga Trilogy could be the best Yin yoga video yet by Paulie Zink, it is awesome!  I love the comprehensive focus on specific body parts that are essential for health and a strong yoga practice.  As a trained contortionist, yoga teacher and student, I admire the simple yet unconventional ways that Paulie guides the practitioner through stretches that are designed to open joints and create energetic flow.  The format of the Trilogy can guide anyone, beginner to advanced, into deeper body awareness, stretching and relaxation.  I highly recommend Paulie Zink’s Yin Yoga training to anyone who is sincere about feeling better, becoming more flexible, gaining in strength and finding more balance.
The Yin Yoga Trilogy is a full package yoga training series designed for anyone!”

 Shanti Rae

Yin Yoga Basics dvd


Contents: 1 DVD

*Yin Yoga Session 1   (.5 hr)
*Yin Yoga Session 2   (1 hr)
*Extras: Breath and Flow,
Relaxing into Postures

Paulie’s Yin Yoga Basics DVD introduces students to the practice of Yin Yoga postures with simple and easy instruction in a variety of poses for the whole body. Each session contains different content.

The purpose of Yin Yoga is to restore the body’s innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace.

In the practice of Yin Yoga, postures are held for longer periods. This allows the body to grow more flexible, promotes healing, and develops the flow of energy.

Master Zink teaches with a straight forward, down to Earth style that is appropriate for both beginner’s and more advanced students.

“With my background being a former athlete and now spine surgeon, I found my first Yin Yoga class with Master Zink to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Master Zink has the ability to break things down for all levels of flexibility, strength, endurance and desire.”
Daniel Laich, D.O.

Yin Yoga Beginner's dvd


 Contents: 1 DVD

*One Hour Yin Yoga Session
*Paulie’s Flow Yoga Demo
*Outtakes & Paulie’s
Silver Staff Movement



Paulie’s Yin Yoga Beginner’s DVD covers postures for each of the Five Elements:
Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire

These are the five transforming alchemical elements that are contained in the universal life field and animate distinct qualities in the body,
such as lightness, fluidity, strength, springiness,
and calm

 “Paulie Zink is an amazing human being. His self-effacing good nature and obvious enjoyment of Yin yoga make him a great teacher. Paulie makes you feel relaxed and eager to try new things, without being pushy. It’s just fun to watch him teach. And I found that while my other workouts left me feeling exhausted and dragging home, practicing with Paulie Zink leaves me feeling better than I have in years.”
Simon Wall, M.D., Billings, MT


Yin Yoga Live Sessions 1 and 2 dvd

Yin Yoga Live Sessions 3 and 4 dvd

Contents: 2 DVDS

Four (1 hour) Yin yoga classes


 Paulie’s Yin Yoga Live Sessions DVDs offer a variety of Yin Yoga postures and movements, along with discussion and interaction with students in an informal classroom setting.

 Recorded by Dr. Daniel Laich in Billings, MT

“Paulie’s Yin Yoga DVD’s are brilliant. They have enhanced my yoga practice and general well being immensely.”
Jane O. RYT, Ontario, Canada

Order the complete set of 5 DVDs at a 15% discount:

The Yin Yoga Trilogy
Yin Yoga Basics

Yin Yoga Beginner’s
Yin Yoga Live Sessions 1 – 4


Order any of these sets of Yin Yoga DVDs at a 10% discount:

Trilogy & Basics
2 DVDS: $52.00

Trilogy & Beginner’s
2 DVDS: $47.50

Basics & Beginner’s
2 DVDS: $31.50

Trilogy, Basics, Beginner’s
3 DVDS: $65.50

Trilogy & Live Sessions 1-4
3 DVDS: $70.00

Basics & Live Sessions 1-4
3 DVDS: $54.00

Beginner’s & Live Sessions 1 – 4
3 DVDS: $49.50

Basics, Beginner’s, Live Sessions 1-4
4 DVDS: $67.50

Trilogy, Basics, Live Sessions 1-4
4 DVDS: $88.00

Trilogy, Beginner’s, Live Sessions 1-4
4 DVDS: $83.50


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Yin Yoga founder Master Paulie feeding the cows

“I have been in Yin Yoga classes before, however nothing like the home practice I was able to establish with Paulie’s Yin Yoga DVDs. Well worth the price and more. My flexibility and limb control increased at an amazing rate. I even see an amazing somatic unblocking that has occurred at a very brisk pace.”

Larry M.
Naples, Florida

“I watched the Yin Yoga Live videos several times to catch all of what Paulie had to say regarding pain management, and variations, etc. I was really pleasantly surprised how casual his classes feel, how Paulie does not get distracted by disturbances from students, and what a charming disposition he has.
Truly a gem!”

Aranka S.
BC, Canada

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