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Yin yoga videos with Paulie Zink
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Yin Yoga Trilogy DVD:
Core & Balance Back & Shoulders Hips & Legs


Yin Yoga Flow demonstration is included on Paulie’s“Yin Yoga Beginners” DVD

 “Yin Yoga Basics” DVD


Yin Yoga Boogie- just for kicks!

“Yin Yoga Live- Sessions 1-4” DVDs with Paulie Zink
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Yin Yoga Videos Review

I’ve been waiting for more Paulie Zink Yin Yoga videos for quite some time. And now they are here! The Yin Yoga Trilogy DVD is a fantastic set of practices. For those not familiar with Yin Yoga as it is taught by its founder, you really don’t want to miss this. Master Zink teaches how to grow every part of your body, renewing your primal energy as you do. These can be, and some of them are, very strenuous practices and flows.

The Yin & the Yang are inseparable, therefore you cannot have yin yoga without yang yoga. In this set, Paulie Zink shows you how to seamlessly integrate the basic postures commonly being taught in Yin Yoga classes, with the natural flow of movement which is a portion of the yang yoga part, (which is still, technically, a misnomer as they are inseparable).

The magic you will discover here is the power & energy in this deceptively, seemingly simple practice. Having practiced classical Indian yoga for many, many years and with my introduction to yin yoga coming through students of Paulie’s who only studied with him for a short time and learned only the basic level of his art, learning yin yoga (also known as yin & yang yoga) with the man who conceived & evolved it, is amazing. It took me seven years before I was able to begin studying with him in person, but if you can’t take a class with him in person right now, you will find yourself feeling as if he is there with you as you practice along with this new set of Yin yoga videos.

They are well organized and beautifully done. You can choose what type of practice and for which part of the body that you want to focus on. Then Paulie leads you through. He is so fluid that I just stop and laugh as I try the things he does that look so simple and easy, which is true for him, but not for me. I love that with these, I have a set with which I not only can practice along with, but also be challenged and to grow with over the years. Whatever the fitness program you like or sport, even if you just like walking and hiking like me, this will help you balance your body and allow you to enjoy your other activities all the more.

What is so wonderful is how much fun you have as you “exercise”. I teach yoga to students in a wide range of ages, from 4 to 86, kids, athletes & non-athletes alike. Every single person finds something that they can weave into their daily life, and I am so pleased at how many students comment to me on how much more energy they feel practicing this way, how much easier they are moving . I loved, and still do, serious classical yoga, but after three years of practicing the way Paulie Zink is teaching Yin Yoga, I am moving in ways I never have in my life, am doing postures that challenged me for years with ease and fluidity, and just having so much fun finding ways to bring my practice into my day, all day long.

These are powerful practices that Master Paulie Zink is teaching in a simple, uncomplicated way, devoid of intellectualizing and complicated theories. Practice is the key. If you do the practice, you will know for yourself the benefits and secrets it reveals.

Eileen Kragie

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